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How to decorate your university room – the Happy Linen Company way

by Lucy Knight on September 11, 2018

Starting university can be daunting but it can also be very exciting. One thing you shouldn’t have any worries about is your room, as you have enough on your plate socialising and finding your bearings in a new area. Whether you are showing friends around or planning to spend all day nursing a hangover in bed, you will spend a lot of time in your room. So, it would be nice to change it from a prison-like cell to something that says a lot more about you – it should reflect your personality and also look nice when you’re regretting all those drinks the night before!


To blue tack, or not to blue tack

The first piece of crucial information that many students need to know: blue tack is a big no! Purchase yourself some white tack or you may lose out on your deposit. You’ll thank us later. Second piece of advice: fairy lights are a cheap and easy way to brighten up your room. It’ll make it look cosy and more interesting, whether you opt for colourful bulbs or simple decorations – you can’t go wrong with them. And no, they’re not just for girls…


How to be organised at university

If organisation isn’t your forte, buy yourself a whiteboard or a planner to hang on your wall. This will prove immensely useful when you decide to do a shopping list or to prevent you from forgetting about key assignments! We recommend a magnetic whiteboard with different colour pens so you can add interesting magnets and stickers to spice up your inherited dull walls. Add some greenery to your room and Invest in some plant pots too! If you struggle to look after yourself, never mind a plant too, we recommend some plastic ones. This’ll add a few more interesting features to your window sill. If you decide to have some real and easy-to-look-after plants, go with some aloe vera or jade plants. Having them in your room will help make the air cleaner and has been proven to help you study and sleep better too.

Don’t leave your desk too messy! Organisation is key to helping you feel better as well as avoid losing or forgetting key information. This goes for cleaning your bed sheets too (or if you’re lazy, most of our bed sets have unique reversible designs to help create the illusion that you’ve kept on top of your washing! Your mother will be happy.)


A picture says more than 1,000 words

Putting pictures of friends and childhood memories is also a good way of showing your personality and making your walls look a little more fun. It’s unbelievable what covering some white space with pictures can do for the vibe of your room – it also makes it cosier for when you’re missing home. If you don’t have a bedside table, which will become a necessity throughout the year, use an upturned paper basket or bin. You can use it to keep your phone, books or laptop on so you have easy access in bed – which is where you’ll spend the majority of your time!

Enjoy your time at university and make sure you get a good a balance between socialising with new friends and keeping a routine of sleep and healthy-ish eating. We will continue to upload blog posts with helpful tips for lifestyle choices that will help improve your efficiency, health and happiness. So, keep tuned in!



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