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Music to help you fall asleep

by Lucy Knight on March 06, 2019

#TiredTunes playlist

For every great adventure, there’s an even greater soundtrack. Star Wars had John Williams, Inception had Hans Zimmer. Now, sleep has Happy Linen. We have carefully put together a playlist that will help you relax and drift off to sleep, as well as introduce you to some great new tracks and artists!

Happy Linen Company | Tired Tunes Spotify Playlist


Our top pick for music that helps you fall asleep

The opener, undisputedly, had to be Dreamsby Fleetwood Mac. Apart from the obvious suitability of its name for this playlist, the calming bass combined with Stevie Nicks’ haunting vocals will make it irresistible for you to submit to the commands of sleep.

Another classic that accompanies many bath and bed lovers across the nation is Into My Armsby Nick Cave. The rare quality that this song possesses is that it makes you feel like you’re already asleep. It’s a song that submerges you in water and the storytelling abilities of Nick Cave push you afloat into the deep end.


Emerging talents and more

New emerging talent Jorja Smith sings over calming instrumentals in Blue Lights. This track sounds like a modern urban nursery rhyme, with its catchy keyboard and a story told of inner-city brushes with the police. Jorja’s voice is soft and it’s extremely pleasing when she hits those high notes.

Our personal favourite is a little track called Space Songby Beach House. This song makes you feel like you’re dreaming, a feeling only made more realistic when you’ve eventually fallen asleep. It simultaneously puts you floating on a cloud, sucks you into the abyss of space and lays you down on a mattress made of cotton candy. Now you’re intrigued, huh?

Get under your covers and put on this cover, Oh! You Pretty Things by David Bowie revamped by Au Revoir Simone. I know, right, covers usually are terrible and would make you want to get out of bed to turn it off – but this one is different. It’s ultra-smoothing with a slow organ, accompanying a soft female voice. It’s something that’ll become as essential to your sleep routine as the morning alarm that wakes you up.

Whilst the debate rages on between people who loved the Britpop era and those that found it boring, this song continues to send people to sleep but for all the right reasons. The monarchy of Britpop (controversial), Blur, have hit the nail on the bed with Tender. It has choir backup singers, a soothing African-inspired drum beat and Damon Albarns’ wonderful voice. What more could you need to start your night of slumber?


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