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Top national holidays for an excuse to spend in bed

by Lucy Knight on November 10, 2018

You may forget when national holidays creep up on you. St. Patrick's day comes up and you’re surprised that it’s that time of the year, again! However, there’s some holidays that most people aren’t away of, but they are also the perfect excuse to spend in bed – so we think it’s important to let everyone know…


National Make Your Bed Day – 11th September

This day should be every day, in our opinion. National make your bed day is a perfect excuse to spend the day in bed. Continuously get in and out and make your bed even more comfy than the last time! (I’m sure your boss will understand if you take the day off for this holiday)


Be Late for Something Day - 5th September

Whilst you wish you could celebrate this everyday – or maybe you do unofficially- you actually have an excuse to be late now. Be late for something day breaks the societal belief that we should be on time for EVERYTHING, we think this should be abolished so we can always have a few extra minutes in bed in the morning.



National Dress Your Dog Day – 14th January

Dogs are funny. Dogs in costumes are funnier. I don’t make the rules but you know its true. Now think about enjoying the sight of your pup dressed as Elvis, or whoever, whilst you’re in the comfort of your bed. Perhaps you could buy a dog throw form us so your dog can enjoy all these lazy days with you… whatever you chose, this holiday is not to be missed.



National Popcorn Day – 19th January

Hear me out! I know the popcorn can be a nuisance, finding crumbs under your pillow three weeks after you decided to enjoy a big bowl of treats. However, the 19thof January is a sacred day for all popcorn lovers. Watch your favourite films and enjoy some popcorn, maybe even listen to our Tired Tunes playlist. Just spend the day how the inventor of popcorn would have wanted…


Lazy Day – 10th August

Self-explanatory here. The lazy day. You take this when your busy schedule gets a little too much and you think “oh well!” and spend the day laying around the house in your pyjamas. Now, you won’t be alone, as the rest of the country will be doing this (don’t expect to hear from me on the 10thof August)


So now you’re educated in all the days you have an excuse to spend in bed… disclaimer: We can’t promise that you won’t get fired if you use them as an excuse for a day off (but at least you’ll get more time to spend sleeping)


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