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Back to School Tips from a Teacher

Back to School Tips from a Teacher

With kids getting ready to go back to school next...
on August 28, 2020
7 Ways to Stay Entertained this Summer

7 Ways to Stay Entertained this Summer

What a year it’s been so far! Most of us are in dire need of a holiday, but we know many of you have had to sacrifice your holidays abroad this year. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of ways you and the children can stay entertained at home. Whilst it may not be the same as lounging on a sun bed in Majorca or splashing in the sea waters, it’s a step closer, and really, any little helps.
on August 20, 2020
Fun Activities For Grandparents And Grandkids This Summer

Fun Activities For Grandparents And Grandkids This Summer

As lockdown continues to ease we’re now allowed to meet up with those closest to us, at a socially acceptable distance of course! If you’re a grandparent that doesn’t live with your grandchildren, this must have been an especially difficult time as we all know just how joyful it is to be in the company of your grandchildren, watching them grow up and hearing them laugh. There’s also that welcome time when you can relax at the end of the day knowing they’re back home!
on July 15, 2020
Kids Dream Jobs

Kids Dream Jobs

“When I grow up mummy, I want to be a superhero”

For those now working as key workers during the pandemic that may be a reality, but for the rest of us we’ve ended up doing things a little more realistic!

The jobs kids dream of doing when they’re older can change week to week depending on what they’re studying at school, watching on TV and reading in books.

To explore this further, Business.org partnered with child psychologist Dr. Sharon Saline to see which roles interest kids based on age and gender & then tracked these interests over time. We found this research immensely interesting so we’ve condensed it and are proud to share it with you.

on June 05, 2020
Gardening Ideas For Kids

Gardening Ideas For Kids

Squish your hands in the dirt. How does it feel? Let’s add some water. What does it look like now? How does that flower smell? We grew a vegetable... let’s eat it and see how it tastes! Hear that crunch when we bite into it? As you can see, it’s easy to incorporate sensory play into a gardening activity!

Kids get great enjoyment from being outdoors. They’re curious, taking enjoyment from learning when it’s practical and creative. What’s more, they get the satisfaction of watching something evolve from a tiny seed into a beautiful plant… or even vegetables they can go on to eat.

Gardening is often overlooked in schools, however it can help to develop a number of life skills, as well as offering environmental education. There’s plenty of guides available online that show you how to plant a seed, however we prefer to do things a little differently! So whilst the kids are still in lockdown, here’s a few of our favourite gardening activities the little ones can turn their hands to.

on May 15, 2020
Best Bedtime Stories For Kids

Best Bedtime Stories For Kids

Who doesn’t love a good bedtime story?

Finding the time to read a bedtime story to your child has huge benefits, both for the child and the person doing the reading. Not only does it encourage children to relax, but it can become an important bonding experience.

Child psychologists also point to the cognitive benefits for young people who are raised with bedtime stories, including higher-than-average literacy rates and an emotional connection to reading.  

However, no two children are the same, which makes it difficult to truly list the best bedtime stories for kids. What makes the best bedtime stories for 3-year-olds won’t be relevant for older children. With that in mind, we’ve identified the best books for children split into different age groups.

on May 08, 2020

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