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Print-out activities for kids

Explore our collection of fun printable activities for children and families featuring your favourite Happy Linen characters! We have colour-in pages, puzzles, and games your little ones will love. Have fun!

Easter egg hunt

Egg-citing times! Can you find all 10 eggs hidden in this picture?

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Spring word search

Spring has sprung. Complete this spring themed word search!

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Unicorn castle colouring page

Do you know the colours of the rainbow? Help us bring some colour to this fairy-tale wonderland!

Colour in Mother's Day cards

A perfect gift for someone you love, coloured and black and white version available!

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At home science experiments

Science experiments you can do with items that are already lying around your house

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DIY musical instruments

Take your recycling and transform it into musical instruments! It's time to start a band!

Spot the jungle friends

There are some wild animals hiding in the jungle, can you spot them?

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Send a card to a friend!

Colour in one of our printable greeting cards and send them to a friend!

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Dino-Snore colouring page

Colour in our 'Roar-some' Dino-Snore T-rex! Did you know that a T-Rex can grow up to 12m long?

Butterfly wonderland

Transform your little one's bedroom into a butterfly wonderland with our butterfly craft project!

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Printable greeting cards

Colour in one of our printable greeting cards and send it to a friend or family member!

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Basic ballet steps for kids

Dancing in the swan lake is no longer a dream with our 5 easy ballet steps!

Princess word search

Find all Princess related words! Why don't you try to make up a story with the words as you go?

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Football word search

Find all football related words and get ready for your next football game!

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The 'Happy' colouring page

Colour some of our favourite characters to bring them back to life!

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Jungle fun colouring page

Colour in our jungle animals! Can you guess what colours these animals are supposed to be?

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Butterfly colouring page

Butterflies often have brightly coloured wings with unique patterns made up of tiny scales. Go ahead and add some colour to our butterflies!

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Farm friends colouring page

The day on the farm can't start without the farmer. Draw a farmer in the tractor so the farm work can begin!

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Spot the difference

Spot 10 differences between the two images of Leo The Lion on his spring drive!

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At home treasure hunt

Play this treasure hunt and make gloomy rainy days fun again!

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Spot the characters

There are 10 happy characters hiding in this picture! See if you can spot them.

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Dino word search

Find and cross out the dinosaur related words which are hidden in the letters.

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DIY Christmas baubles

Colour in, cut out and hang our christmas baubles on your tree!

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Spot the gold star

Find the gold star hiding amongst the Happy characters!

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Spot and count the characters

Put your little ones math skills to the test and count each of the characters!

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Kids weekly rewards chart

Keep track of targets and rewards with our kids weekly rewards chart.

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Spot the gold star

Find the gold star hiding amongst the Happy characters!


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