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Lockdown birthday ideas for kids.

Birthdays during lockdown can be difficult. Did you have to cancel all your little one’s celebrations?  Are you wondering how you can make this up to the birthday boy/girl? There are a few ways you can make their unusual birthday one to remember! We have listed 9 various activities and tips on how to make any lockdown party the party of the year!



1. Get friends and family involved!

Birthdays are a huge deal for little ones’ and the most important thing to do on that day is to make them feel like the star of the show! Ask parents of their friends and your family to post them a birthday card, this can be either a virtual or a physical card. Open them together in the morning and make a little gallery of birthday wishes, this is bound to make their day!


2. Virtual birthday disco.

Get the birthday boys/girls friends involved and organise an online birthday disco. It’s good to set a theme and get everyone to dress up if you can! What does your little one love the most? We recommend a dinosaur or unicorn theme! You can also get together an easy quiz related to your theme or play some classic games. Good games you can play via video call are Pictionary, 20 Questions, Charades, Colour Race or The Alphabet Game. Download our game instructions below if you’re unsure how to play! Connect the call to the TV and decorate the room for an extra ‘WOW’ factor.

3. Family fancy dress.

Get your little one to pick a theme and have a dress up party! Decorate the house accordingly and make sure to go all out for this one! Oh… and take plenty of pictures for memories (especially if you manage to get the dad to dress up as a princess)!


4. Hire a virtual entertainer.

Make their birthday special by spending it with their favourite superhero or princess! Their friends can check in to this one too. There are a few good websites where you can book kids online entertainers, take a look at Jojo Fun or Captain Fantastic.


5. Present treasure hunt.

Organise an at home treasure hunt where the little one can find presents hidden at your house by completing fun riddles. We created a fun downloadable themed treasure hunt for your use! Click below to download and have a great time!




6. Fort movie night.

Build a cosy fort together and watch their favourite movies. Decorate the fort to fit the movie theme and don’t forget to use some fairy lights and a lot of pillows for extra comfort. If you want to go all out and you have a tent lying around in the attic or garage you could build a tent movie theatre in the garden. Prepare some popcorn, movie tickets and you can even prepare some costumes to feel like you’re a part of the movie!



7. Family talent show.

Organise a family talent show where the little one is the judge. To make it more fun you can get distanced family members involved and ask them to send in videos of their performances. Let the birthday kid pick out the prize! Or pick out the best 2 performances and let them have a talent battle for the 1st place.



8. Open your own (at home) restaurant.

Set your dinner table and dining room to a restaurant standard and let your little one pick their favourite takeaway! You can even print off the menu and let them take their order as if you were out for dinner.


9. Virtual day out.

Were you planning to go to a zoo or a museum? Well… you still can! Many museums and zoos launched virtual tours and live cams for us to enjoy the attractions from the comfort of our home. The fun thing is that you can visit a museum anywhere in the world! We recommend trying Edinburgh zoo, Taronga Sydney zoo, Melbourne museum, Longleat safari park or a Disney parade. You could even take them on a world tour and visit multiple attractions in one day!



If you don’t fancy any of these ideas, you can always read our previous blog on at home activities (HERE), we also have a fun zone with lots of downloadable activities for kids (HERE). The most important thing is to give the little one all the attention and spend some valuable time together, even if you want to spend the day in your favourite PJ’s watching movies!

If you do go for any of our ideas make sure you capture the moments and share them with us via our social media platforms @Happylinenco.


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